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                               Trinidad and Tobago

In 1909 J.W. Taylor and an eleven man team from the USA came to Trinidad and held meetings for several weeks in a tent erected on the Woodbrook Savannah.  Twenty-six converts were baptized following the meetings, among them were Mr. & Mrs. Patrick.  For the first six months of its existence, the young church met in a rented building on Frederick Street, Port of Spain.  Its first pastor was James Quamina of Tobago, who also pioneered the San Fernando church.  The Pilgrim Holiness Church was born!

From 1909 to 1958, the place of worship was change eleven times, moving from Port of Spain to St. James and back again until it was finally established at Belmont.  The Trinidad District expanded under the leadership of the Patrick’s who pioneered the Arima, Red hill, Guaico and Montrose churches.  Rev. Patrick acted as district superintendent in 1932.  Under his leadership churches were established at Jerningham Junction, Couva and Carapichaima.  Work was also astablished in the village of Brazil.

Rev. Patrick was also instrumental in the establishment of the first Pilgrim Holiness Church in St. Vincent, preaching there for six weeks at the invitation of rev. Wooten, the superintendent.

An independent work at St. James was turned over to the Pilgrim Holiness Church.  The St. James church successfully parent another at Diego Martin under the leadership of Rev. Lloyd Gill. The church at Freeport successfully parented another at California under the leadership of Rev. Una Gibbs.  An important feature of our early pioneers was that they financed themselves, and assistant workers were given “pocket money”.  The church developed through the power of the Holy Spirit and the witness of the saints was known throughout the land from 1909-1966, the time of merger and anme adaptation.  Truly it is a glorious church!.

Rev. L.S. Brathwaite labored as a pioneer missionary in Tobago from 1945 to 1949. At his home in Calder Hall, he held regular services and several souls were converted.  Tutil Arnold, one of the converts, continued from 1949 to 1952 when the district assumed responsibility for the work.  The first church in Tobago was organized by Rev.  R.R. Hughes, district superintendent, under the leadership of Br. Arnold and wife.  Work began at Calder Hall with Sunday schools at Cinnamon Hill and Dutch Fort in Scarborough.  There are now five churches in Tobago—Cinnamon Hill, Calder Hall, Lowlands, Buccoo and Patience Hill.

On June 16, 1966 the 25th International Conference of the Pilgrim Holiness Church adopted the Basis for merger with the Wesleyan Methodist Church and Constitution; thus, the formation of the Wesleyan Holiness Church.

A noteworthy feature of the history of the church is the contributions made by ministers of Barbadian extraction.  L.S. Brathwaite, Clyde Wilkinson, Herbert Lawrence and Louis Goodman have all given vital leadership to the church at pastoral or district superintendent level.  Some major milestones of the church development are its Camp ministries, the annual District Conferences and the appointment of our first Trinidad-born district superintendent, Rev. Hubert Joseph in 1989.

During the eighties another church was established at Laventille by Rev. Claretta Edwards.

Camp ministries developed rapidly in the seventies and eighties from its small beginnings with 30-40 campers, and is now well established with an average of 300 campers.  We thank God this ministry is now second to none in Trinidad and Tobago in it management, Holy Standards, fruitfulness and Christian development.

At present there are fifteen church in Trinidad and five in Tobago.  The church now looks ahead to the 21st century, solid, firm and deep in the Savior’s love.  We remain committed to our mission to “Spread Scriptural Holiness to Every Land” while waiting anxiously for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
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