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                                  Cayman Islands

The Wesleyan Holiness Church in West Bay, Grand Cayman, actually began back in 1837 when the Wesley Chapel, a Methodist missionary organization, sent Rev. James Atkins from England to Jamaica, to Grand Cayman, to assess the possibility of starting a church, and gathering information for a census.  He returned and gave his report and information to headquarters in London, but it wasn’t until two years later 1839, that the first Wesleyan (or Methodist) missionary, Rev. Mark Byrd, was sent to Grand Cayman.

During the two intervening years, before Rev. Byrd’s arrival, the Presbyterians started a work here.  From 1839 until the late 1880’s, there were only two churches on these islands, the Presbyterian Church, and what was called “The Holiness Work.”  This work was located in Boatswain Bay near what was called Goat yard.  For approximately four years there was a resident missionary overseeing the work.  After four or five years of missionaries, the Methodist Church could not afford the cost; so, up until the latter part of the 1890’s, three women kept the Holiness Work going.  They were local people and no one seems to know their names.

At the turn of the century, Bro. Ford came back and continued the work.  In the early 1900’s there was “sin in the camp” which resulted in a split.  Out of that split the Powerys and other North West Point families moved to the present location at West Bay.

The work in Boatswain Bay died out, while those who went to the North West Point location were the ones who started what later became known as the Pilgrim Holiness Church.  It was unorganized until 1928, during the time of Rev. Bingham.  People like Nettie Rivers, Theresa Powery, and Sister Flossie were some of the charter members.  In 1968 there was a merger between the Pilgrim Holiness Church and the Wesleyan Methodist Church; and, as a result, The Wesleyan Church of North America emerged.  The Caribbean adopted the name The Wesleyan Holiness Church.

It is uncertain when the North Side church started, but it is believed that it was about the same time that the West Bay church became a Pilgrim Holiness church, which would be around 1930.

The George Town church in April of 1991 under the leadership of John Jefferson, Sr., and West Bay pastor, Rev. Brenda Wallick.  It was organized as a full church in 1996.

Up to the present, the West Bay Church has had North American missionaries.  There were many who came from 1930 until now.
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