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On January 11, 1992, the Reverend Brian McKitty, his wife and three of his daughters left Jamaica for Belize City, Belize.  The Superintendent of the Nazarene Church, Rev. Oliver Ottley, met them at the airport.  A house had already been prepared for them by the general board.  Initially, the pioneer Wesleyan Holiness Church used the Nazarene facilities for worship.

In June 1992, land was acquired from the Government on which to build a sanctuary.  However, in 1993, there was a change of Government that slowed down things a bit.  The McKitties were able to set up a temporary place of worship with the of brethren from North Carolina and Georgia in the United States.  They came with work teams and helped erect the first building.  This place of worship was not located on the land the church acquired, but at the home of one of the new members as access roads to the land had not been cut.

The infant Wesleyan Holiness work held its first baptism in 1994.  Seven (7) persons were baptized.  Soon after that, the building was removed from the temporary spot to the land the church had gotten from the government.

In August 1994, the Caribbean Conference was pleased to welcome missionary McKitty and one of the new Belize Wesleyan Christians to its sittings.

Later, a church bus with which Rev. McKitty was able to go around and pick up children from various neighborhoods to come to Sunday School was acquired.  And, the Caymans Islands kindly donated benches to the new church.  The Ebanks sisters from the same Cayman churches visited and assisted with Bible school.

General Director of the W.W.I., Sis. Juanita Grant, and her team gave special attention to the development of the church.  With their help the first mass crusade was held.  The evangelist for this crusade was Rev. Watson of Barbados.

The entire McKitty family worked as a team, planning Christmas program, teaching Sunday school, visiting and so on.  After five years of service, the McKitty family returned to home-base Jamaica.

The work continued under the leadership of the Rev. Sandra-Lee Jones; and now, the Rev. Kenford Punter.
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